Who Framed Roger Stone

Friends, I Need Your Help.

As you may have gathered by now, I was among the first to stand in their way and one who continues doing so with all I have. I will NEVER be deterred from pushing back against their divisive, hateful, profane animus and endless self-dealing machinations. EVER.

But the price has been extremely high to my family and to me personally.

That's why I need your help!

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Roger Stone is under attack!

"In just a couple of years I will be marking a half-century of engagement in American politics and what a ride it has been! I am proud to say I worked for four Republican Presidents from Nixon to Reagan to Donald J. Trump.

After scores of hard-fought campaigns and countless battles stretching over decades, with more than enough scars to show for it, I am amazed that rather than feeling weary or diminished I have never been more energized and optimistic about what the future holds in our epic struggle to restore our Great Republic and Make America Great Again.

After the incredible historic victories we accomplished together in such a short time, what liberty-loving patriot would not be inspired and emboldened?

Against all odds, facing the most wicked, deceitful and degenerate of all possible opponents, we elected President Donald J. Trump and protected the people of America forever from another deplorable reign of error by the Clinton criminal cabal. All this in one fell swoop. 

Now, under President Trump’s courageous leadership we have finally begun blasting back, FOR REAL, against the entrenched forces of corruption, cronyism and collectivist coercion that for far too long have hijacked our government, eroded our freedoms, poisoned our politics, subverted our national culture and attacked our very way of life.

As you may have gathered by now, I was among the first to stand in their way and one who continues doing so with all I have. I will NEVER be deterred from pushing back against their divisive, hateful, profane animus and endless self-dealing machinations. EVER.

But the price has been extremely high to my family and to me personally. 

Sure, I can ignore the profane torrents of hatred I get nonstop from online degenerates and Media Matters bots everywhere I go in social media and anywhere I interact online.

Sure, I can do my best to rebut the false statements and innuendo that Washington elites and their liberal media yap dogs use to smear me, fabricating totally false and malicious allegations that I colluded with the Russian state to elect President Donald Trump.

Sure, I will do everything in my power to keep my family safe from harm and shield them from this insane lynch mob that has been whipped up by cynical, deceitful Clinton cultists and their fellow travelers embedded in positions of trust. 

But there are two harms that I cannot and will never ignore. 

One ,I can’t ignore the now-daily death threats coming in to me. They are of serious concern and the cause of great consternation to me as it concerns protecting my family. people have threaten to kill my me,disfigure my wife, kill my children and even kill my beloved dogs.We have had to employ costly security measures, out of an abundance of caution.

Two, I can’t ignore the enormous costs I have had to incur just to defend myself against what has been a nonstop onslaught of malicious attacks, on every front, by illegitimate would-be persecutors in the deep state, the Democrat party, the Clinton crime family, the corrupt Washington political establishment, the completely-compromised mainstream media and the many twisted, unhinged enemies of President Trump. 

These vindictive, deceitful partisans have already proven they are ready and willing to abuse our legal system, misuse official power and corrupt any institution necessary, including justice, in order to bankrupt my family, distract me from my mission, stop me from intervening in the impending take down of my friend of 40 years President Donald J. Trump, and finally destroy me personally, any and every way they can.

Former Obama administration lawyers, acting behind a partisan front group, filed a frivolous, groundless, defamatory federal lawsuit (download PDF) against the Trump for President campaign and against me personally.  

Their sloppy almost-60-page complaint accuses us of harming DNC operatives by conspiring with Russian operatives to publish information allegedly hacked from the DNC and given to WikiLeaks. The entire story is a complete fantasy! Yet, I am forced to defend against it.

I have been forced to respond to Democrat hatchet men like Representative Adam Schiff and Senator Mark Warner. They have impugned my patriotism. They have defamed me in public hearings. 

They have falsely accused me of working for the Russians and of being involved in the hacking of the DNC. They falsely credit me with being behind the publication of highly-embarrassing but 100% authentic emails that proved to the world how Hillary Clinton is as craven, corrupt and greedy as we have always thought, going back to the day she first rode into the White House, on her husband’s back, 25 years ago.

In what is an outrageous political witch hunt, I have been subjected to fishing expedition so-called investigations by the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee. 

I testified under oath to the House Intelligence Committee that I did not collude, coordinate or conspire with the Russian state to aid in the election of Donald J. Trump and I know of NO ONE who did anything of the sort, either. My legal costs just to deal with and prepare for this inquisition are now into the 100s of $1000s.

Meanwhile, Deep State vigilante Robert Mueller is busy casting about for anything he can latch onto, no matter how picayune or tangential, to justify an appointment as Special Counsel that he never should have taken, and that never should have happened in the first place

I am certain Special Counsel Mueller and his chummy side-kick, fired-FBI Director Jimmy Comey, intend to try to remove our President, in collusion with Democrats, many of whom are openly plotting a literal coup d’etat against the President of the United States.

It is clear from their underhanded machinations and costly attacks on me that they want me sidelined and shut down from helping President Donald Trump beat back the coming Robert Mueller / Podesta-Clinton Deep State Coup.

Just moving in the Federal District Court in DC to dismiss the completely bogus lawsuit against me by that Obama -blessed left-wing front group cost me $150,000 in legal fees.  A few days ago I received a six-figure bill from just one of the two find attorneys who represented me before the House and Senate intelligence committees.

As of this message to you, my legal bills now exceed $457,000 and are likely to reach $1,000,000 before I am finally clear of these partisan, politically-motivated investigations.

I am not a wealthy man, by any means. Such a crushing expense, with nothing to show for it except my vindication against a juggernaut of political dirty tricks and lies, threatens to destroy me and my family financially- all because I fought to elect Donald Trump. All because the deep state partisans know I will continue fighting for his agenda.

 I have yet to testify before the US Senate Intelligence Committee and anticipate that the legal representation I require for that exchange will easily put my legal bills even closer to the million dollar mark.

It is a blessing that I have friends who care, and who have stepped up to help the Stone family and relieve this crushing financial burden by organizing the Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund

I hope you will consider contributing anything you can to this Fund. You can do so HERE. 

We truly need your help TODAY. Anything you can give will be more deeply appreciated by my family and me than we could ever express.  

I look forward to the greatness ahead, as we march onward together!"

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